Providing Outstanding Latin Teachers to State Schools for over ten years

A Core Focus on Literacy

The Latin Programme supports pupils to develop their English literacy and grammar. Our unique approach is to introduce grammatical concepts in English first and then in Latin to foster an appreciation for the patterns, structures and history of language that will help pupils not only to excel in their SATs but in every other subject and beyond.

A Whole-Class Approach to Latin

We believe that Latin is for everyone, not just for small groups of high ability students. Our approach is designed to be hands-on, creative and fun and to involve the kinds of games and songs that work best in a whole-class context. We have designed activities that can engage pupils of every ability level, including those with special educational needs.

High Expectations

Unlike most text book approaches which have very low expectations of what primary school children can achieve with modern foreign or ancient languages, especially in terms of grammar, our Programme recognises the unique abilities of children to grasp structures and patterns in language. 

Age Appropriate Methods and Resources

Over the course of 10 years teaching in inner-city London classrooms, we've developed a bank of flexible and differentiated worksheets and interactive resources for teaching literacy through Latin. We do not rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.

We provide our trained teachers instead with a scheme of work and access to our bank of online resources that they can adapt to suit their own teaching style, and meet the needs of individual learners. Rap videos, nursery rhymes, stories, drama, board games, myths, online games, puzzles and word searches are all fundamental to the way we teach Latin to children from Year 3 onwards.

Despite the fun, all our resources are academically rigorous and designed to support progress in literacy from whatever starting point. We assess pupils at the beginning and end of each academic year to ensure they are progressing and that we are delivering a real boost to literacy.

Expert Latin Teaching

All of our teachers are trained experts in our method of teaching Latin, ancient history and culture. Whether they have a Classics degree, GCSE Latin or a degree in a related discipline, being a Latin Programme teacher means becoming a passionate Latin expert and a creative teacher (many of our teachers have a background in the performing arts). We work in-curriculum in schools to support literacy by providing one of our excellent part-time teachers for up to 2 days per week to teach multiple classes in each school. If you are looking for a specialist Latin teacher to work in your school on a weekly basis, we are the best value option for you. 

If you are looking to train your staff to teach Latin and want support to do so, please contact our partner organisation, Classics for All.

A Focus on Pupil Outcomes

When our Programme was independently assessed by the Shine Education Trust in 2013, their experts concluded that learners progressed three times as fast in literacy when children studied Latin with us over the course of four years.

Shine found that the more years of The Latin Programme instruction pupils received, the greater the benefits. We continue to see an average 10% increase in SATS SPAG results over three years when the Latin Programme begins working with a school. Last year 92% of our cohort achieved expected levels in their SATs Spelling Punctuation and Grammar Test, compared to the national average of 77%. And this is despite the fact that we work in schools with significant numbers of children on Free School Meals and who speak English as an additional language. OFSTED continue to mention us in their reports, commenting on our teachers' ability to engage the whole class, stretching the most able and supporting those who are learning English as an additional language.