The Aeneas Project premiere coincides with the launch of The Latin Programme: Via Facilis’s 10-year anniversary, celebrating the continued success of the small charity whose mission is to bring Latin to state schools in order to improve pupils’ English literacy, understanding of language, and broadening children’s cultural and historical horizons whilst delivering a dynamic programme of Latin for literacy in a rigorous, engaging way.

The film captures the essence of what The Latin Programme: Via Facilis has been doing for the last 10 years with a showcase of the talented young people we work with. Produced by The Latin Programme: Via Facilis, written by Lucia Yandoli, with music composed by Jonathan Goddard, Ed West, J.F Mordo, and Jazzyman, the Aeneas Project turns up the volume on the voices of the children – their readings, their raps, and their re-tellings as well as the language of the Latin poetry itself.

The Aeneid feels completely relevant to the lives of children in London today. Many of these children even journeyed across the Mediterranean themselves, mirroring the one that Aeneas took as retold in the epic. Focusing on rich but accessible themes of 'journeys' and 'finding inspiration for the future' allows the children to re-frame their own experience through this epic poem and allows us as the audience to re-experience the story through their eyes.