Sophie is an outgoing and dynamic teacher who takes pleasure in transferring her enthusiasm for languages to the students she teaches. Her passion for languages extends beyond the teaching of MFL to the wider uses of language and the interaction of languages, especially in bilinguals. She is interested in maximising the use of the linguistic repertoires of students, be they multilingual or monolingual, and capitalising on the distinct language experiences of individual students. This passion led her to pursue an MA in Applied Linguistics in 2016 and in 2017 she was awarded a full scholarship to undertake a PhD in Linguistics, at the University of Essex, specialising in the experiences of minority language speakers in the UK, with a particular focus on multilingual approaches to literacy.

Sophie says: "I am excited to see the opportunities for language exploration that The Latin Programme provides in schools. I believe that making the connection between language learning and literacy, a link which seems to be becoming increasingly welcome amongst educators, is an effective response to the growing gap in attainment amongst students."