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This Spring, The Latin Programme launched the inaugural Scriptores Writing Challenge.

We’re challenging all Key Stage 2 students in London to flex their writerly muscles, put pen to paper, and join the ranks of great Roman writers like Catullus, Propertius and Virgil in creating a piece of writing that will stand the test of time! 

What are the rules? 

This is an opportunity for students to be as free and creative as possible with their writing. The pieces can tackle any theme and take any form, from rhyming poetry to free verse to prose. There are only two rules: each entry should use a Latin word or phrase as a starting point, and should be no longer than 500 words.

The deadline for entries is July 10th 2019.

Are their prizes to be won? 

There certainly are! 

1st prize: £100
2nd prize: £50
3rd prize: 4 prizes of £25

Plus all of the following are up for grabs: 

3 free Latin lessons via Skype
A guided tour of Roman London for Autumn 2019
5 free places at our 2019 Summer School
All shortlisted pieces will be featured on our website
All shortlisted pieces will be featured in a Scriptores Challenge book to be made available

Who are the judges? 

Come June, winners and runners up will be chosen by none other than Stephen Fry and Tom Holland. There will be a celebration of our students’ writing achievements in September, where the winners will be invited to give readings of their work in front of a rapt audience.

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