Jack Ashton - Teacher

Jack joined the Latin Programme as a teacher at the end of 2018, and teaches in various schools around the city. Having not encountered Latin formally until his undergraduate degree, he is passionate about making languages (both modern and ancient) accessible to school students from all backgrounds. This enthusiasm for linguistics is something that he brings to his teaching, in order to encourage students to explore London’s amazing linguistic diversity. He also works with several food projects Read more

Alex MacKeith - Teacher

Alex has a BA in Classics and an MPhil in Classical Literature. He specialised in Greek tragedy and poetry of the late Roman Republic. He teaches Latin to Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 in Central and North London, where he goes by the alternate titles ‘Magister’ or ‘Mr Latin.’ He prefers the latter. Read more

Jamila Zebiri - Teacher

Jamila joined the team as a teacher in January 2018 teaching in a large primary school in Waltham Forest. She has extensive experience delivering workshops around self esteem to young people in Hackney, Haringey, and Camden and is passionate about bringing her wider skills and passions into her teaching. She is also a professional hip hop artist and is studying for a MA in Culture, Diaspora and Ethnicity at Birkbeck, University of London. Read more

Dr Tim Smith-Laing - Teacher

Tim joined the Latin Programme as a teacher at the beginning of 2018 and teaches at two primary schools in Westminster. The rest of the time Tim works as a freelance journalist, critic and researcher working for a variety of well-known publications. He has studied Latin since school and holds a DPhil in early modern mythology from Merton College, Oxford. Read more

Jonathan Goddard - Teaching and Learning Director

Jonathan is one of the longest standing members of the Latin Programme team with many years of experience teaching in classrooms across London and shaping the Programme into what it is today. Promoted to Teaching and Learning Director in 2017, Jonathan leads our team of teachers and is responsible for training, mentoring, and developing resources. He has recently developed two interactive textbooks for iPad for use in the classroom and is contributing to creative projects. Read more

Charmian Bedford - Programme Director (Marketing and Strategy)

Charmian works on a part time basis to manage the finances, marketing and strategy at The Latin Programme as well as project managing our termly storytelling events with schools. She has a close relationship with the schools we work with and brings to the Latin Programme her expertise in music as a professional classical singer. Read more

Zanna Wing-Davey - Executive Director

Zanna has been with The Latin Programme from the start and was instrumental in its founding and establishment in London, initially as a dynamic teacher, then as Director of Latin and now as Executive Director. Read more