What important thing(s) did the Romans give to us?

Vibia: Gold, silver and bronze.

Gabinius: They gave us the opportunity to learn about them.

Larcia:  Jewellery

Hirtius: My favourite thing is straight roads and apples and my favourite thing of all is the dices game and some very nice jewellery and fruit.

Terentius: They brought us loos.

Pompilia: Pots and apples.

Curiatia: I think the most important things they gave us were straight roads.

Sentia: An important thing that the Romans left is different fruits.

Iriminia: They gave us entertainment.

Lucia: Roads and the names of them.

Hortensius: Many pots and fruits.

Sempronius: Gold, money, riches, monuments, ancient buildings.

Scribonius: Gold, money,  riches,  soldiers,  food.

Maria: The Romans left us straight roads.

Caedicia: I think straight roads because if we didn’t have straight roads we’d have swirly roads and we would crash.

Amatia: I thnk the most important thing that they left was the date on the coins. Otherwise we wouldn’t know what year we’re in.

Vergilia: They brought jewellery.

Servilius: They brought us emperors.