The Latin Programme is a registered charity working in inner-city schools to improve English literacy through the study of Latin.

One in six people in the UK struggle with a literacy level that is below that expected on an eleven-year-old.


There is clear research evidence that educational failure is strongly associated with social exclusion.

We are passionate about reversing this trend.


 “The Latin Programme impacts on educational outcomes in schools by helping children improve their grammatical understanding of the English language. It targets whole classes of children from disadvantaged London schools, for a high quality and sustained programme of Latin and English tuition. It uses Latin as the ‘hook’ to teach English in a way which is exciting and creative. Last year, in the class that had the Latin Programme for two years, 100% of the students left primary school with at least a level 4 in English, and demand from schools for the programme continues to grow.”


 —Programme Manager at SHINE


The Latin Programme gratefully acknowledges the support of The SHINE Trust

“I think Latin is a wonderful tool for increasing literacy and all the skills to do with writing and communication. It is noticeable that those who’ve studied the subject tend to be confident and in command with English. But aside from that I think Latin is just so much fun. It’s the language most like a good puzzle, a crossword or sudoku for example. I think many many people would be amazed by the pleasure to be had from it.”

Stephen Fry

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  The Latin Programme-via facilis is a small educational charity working in London state primary schools across the whole of Key Stage 2 (Years 4-6) teaching once a week as part of the school curriculum.  Our innovative programme has proven results and uses songs, games, kinaesthetic techniques and storytelling to…

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How we teach Latin

The Latin Programme was invited by Classics in Communities to speak at a workshop aimed at encouraging schools across the UK to teach Latin or Ancient Greek. Below is the talk Zanna Wing-Davey, our Executive Director, gave on teaching Latin.   Salvete omnes   Quid agis?   Mihi nomen est Zanna…

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